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GTX 1070 vs GTX 1080 mini hashrate

Due to the overprice graphic card on GTX 1070 8GB, The price of 1070 enough for me to buy a ZOTAC 1080 mini, so I give it a try.

Below are the result of it.


Below is the price after convert to USD.
At this point 1 BTC = USD 2530

Although GTX 1080 MINI doesn't perform well in mining in DaggerHashimoto algorithm (ETH), but it is still able to use LBRY to earn profit as usual.

How to verify scam Forex broker

It had been awhile since the last post about Forex.
It is early in the morning and I am quite motivated to talk about Forex again, so lets get started.

Today the topic I want to talk about is "How to verify scam Forex broker?".
A month ago, my friend talked to me he joined a Forex broker and started to learn about Forex.
And he asked me whether I know anything about Forex.

If you follow my blog, the last post I wrote about Forex is about two months ago, why I stop writing more Forex posts?
The answer is simple, I burnt my account.
Well, not quite fully burnt, I still leave USD50 inside, which kind of hard for me to start to earn back my loses.

So, I shared my experience with him, telling him how I lost all my money, and don't follow my path and so on. Kind of what a friend really do, just try to help as much as I can.
At this point, I didn't ask him about what broker he choose to join.
Because I was like, every Forex broker is legit, and nothing possible can go wrong…