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GTX 1070 vs GTX 1080 mini hashrate

Due to the overprice graphic card on GTX 1070 8GB, The price of 1070 enough for me to buy a ZOTAC 1080 mini, so I give it a try.

Below are the result of it.


Below is the price after convert to USD.
At this point 1 BTC = USD 2530

Although GTX 1080 MINI doesn't perform well in mining in DaggerHashimoto algorithm (ETH), but it is still able to use LBRY to earn profit as usual.

Forex Martingale Money Management

What is Martingale? It is one of a money management technique that is used to guarantee your next trade will cover the money you lost on previous trade. Sound confuse? In lay man term, just double up your bet on each losing bet.
Better now?
I have been testing this MM (money management) technique for quite some time now, all I can say for it is patient. Let see some example:

Assume that you have 50% winning rate. And you made 20 trades out of it. On each trade you made, in the end, you won $9 out of it.
It looks like a lot of effort to be made in order to get this $9. How about we risk 1% of our balance and continue it in another trade?

Hmmm, seems like it doesn't work that way.  You see, from screenshot above, when you lose a trade, your balance reduced, which made your risk amount lesser, even thought you win the next trade, but you doesn't win back the previous trade lost amount. This doesn't look at Martingale at all.

Let's try another approach, we remain risking …

Forex Strategies EA

Quite some time I didn't update my blog. Because these few months I have been busying on learning how to write a proper EA (Expert Advisor) for MT4.

For anyone who do not know what is that, MT4 is a platform that provide you to do trading on forex market.

I have tried so many strategies you can find in the Internet. I tried to write everything into a EA and do backtest with it. Too bad none of it work.

When I say strategies, most of it is consists of multiple indicators, and when all the indicators hit a specific condition, we place a new trade, and we also have another exit point for it.

All of it doesn't work, (may be I did it wrongly). Then I started to look around, and many of the "forumers" said, it is hard to find a best EA, only 10% out of 100% of EA works. And even if it work, it only work for certain currencies pair.

I do agree on creating a EA to work on all time-frame and all currencies pair is difficult. But I can't even get it to work on one specific …