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GTX 1070 vs GTX 1080 mini hashrate

Due to the overprice graphic card on GTX 1070 8GB, The price of 1070 enough for me to buy a ZOTAC 1080 mini, so I give it a try.

Below are the result of it.


Below is the price after convert to USD.
At this point 1 BTC = USD 2530

Although GTX 1080 MINI doesn't perform well in mining in DaggerHashimoto algorithm (ETH), but it is still able to use LBRY to earn profit as usual.

iPhone 5s, support Java

Everyone is talking about iPhone 5s now (provided you're living with a group of Apple fans), are you one of them who can successfully grab one of it?

For those who didn't manage to get one of it, they could be the next guy who bought this version of "iPhone 5s", free extra battery for you, and support Java too !

Look at the bright side, you never need to worry your iPhone run out of battery, this is actually a smart marketing strategy =)

Google Adsense Application

I have been trying to get Google Adsense setup in my blog for the pass 10 months. Unfortunately, I still haven't get it working yet!  My application keep on getting reject with the following reason.

I wonder how much Google Adsense can pay me for the traffic. FYI, The NuffNang advertisement on the right side =======>
I have it since I wrote the first post, and now I have RM3.50 only!

If you have something worst than mine, do let me know! Thanks!