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GTX 1070 vs GTX 1080 mini hashrate

Due to the overprice graphic card on GTX 1070 8GB, The price of 1070 enough for me to buy a ZOTAC 1080 mini, so I give it a try.

Below are the result of it.


Below is the price after convert to USD.
At this point 1 BTC = USD 2530

Although GTX 1080 MINI doesn't perform well in mining in DaggerHashimoto algorithm (ETH), but it is still able to use LBRY to earn profit as usual.

How to take photo on vacation

Lots of people like taking photo, specially when they're oversea.
Simply pick up your smart phone, then you're ready for photo shooting.
I have some experience to share with you all, how to take a photo to tell all your friends you're on vacation right now.
1) Take photo of some local foods!

Don't know where it is from right? Yup, that's a bad photo shooting skill. How about this one?

This one looks different, because I took the brand together with the food. Well, taking photo of the foods doesn't mean anything. Lets move on.
2) Go to local tourist destination and take photo with some statue! (This works all the time)

Hope this few tips help, I apologize for any sickness that cause by the photos above.